Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell, Winterset ’19, Is pursuing a Chemistry degree at Iowa State University with a minor in Biochemistry and Spanish.  The desire to promote science was clear in his application where he stated: “The divide between science and non-scientists must be bridged by good communication, and I believe my passion and aptitude for public speaking combined with a STEM education can allow me to engage in such communication. Combining science advocacy with scientific research, I want to be the next Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson.”

Rochelle Lopez

Rochelle Lopez, Winterset ’20, is studying at the University of Iowa for a degree in Biology & Human Physiology.  Rochelle wants to be a forensic pathologist and her journey began with inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and hopes to “ …be an advocate in search for the truth and justice to provide some relief for those who have been harmed.  I stress the importance of studying in STEM because I stand for the silenced, but I will also devote myself to the marginalized in which they may have been affected even more from the justice system and healthcare by providing access, affordability, and resolution to the case.”

Cheyenne McDaniel

Cheyenne McDaniel, Earlham ’21, plans to study Psychology and Exercise Science at Central College.  The selection committee was impressed with Cheyenne’s 4.0 GPA and her goal to become a physical therapist for children with special needs.  She wrote, “This means I will need to do a lot of research on how the muscles, tendons, and bones are supposed to work together to assist these children physically, as well as learn about different ways that these children’s brains operate in order to offer quality care toward their mental needs during this process.”

Haley Tracy

Haley Tracy, Winterset ’21, is studying at Northwest Missouri State University for a degree in Psychology and a minor in Gerontology.  Tracy sees good mental health as being key to overall health.  She wants to focus on “The older generation because they built the foundation of our country and are often forgotten.”  She also feels a calling to connect forgotten animals and the elderly to build socialization and prevent loneliness.  Tracy continues “I could not be more excited to pursue this field and make a difference.”

Morgan Wickman

Morgan Wickman, Winterset ’21, is pursuing a Psychology degree at the University of Northern Iowa.  “Psychology is my passion.”, said Wickman, “I’ve always loved looking at different personalities, the way people think, mental disabilities, and I love helping people.” It’s clear her passion is helping people as she stated, “People change the most when they are hurt and in ruins, and they often only need someone to listen to them. I want to be the person they go to who will help them change into the person they always wanted to become.” 

Paige Henggeler

Paige Henggeler was awarded the $1,500 “Smarter Saner World” – STEM Scholarship for 2019. Paige is a 2011 graduate of Winterset High School and the daughter of Nancy Henggeler and Bryan Henggeler, both formerly of Winterset.  She is earning her degree in Environmental Sciences at Iowa State University. 

The selection committee was impressed with her passion for her field of study.  Paige stated “I plan to introduce people to nature and kindle a love for the great outdoors. I believe that we protect what we love. In order for people to realize what is at stake, they must fall in love with the earth first. This is the only way people will realize all that we could lose. I also have a high value for education, fun, and adventure.”  She also holds up John Muir, wilderness theologian and conservationist, as an inspiration for her studies and work.

Shelby Messerschmitt-Coen

Shelby Messerschmitt-Coen was awarded the $1,500 “Smarter Saner World” – Mental Health Scholarship for 2019. Messerschmitt-Coen is a 2011 graduate of Winterset High School and the daughter of Doug & Whitney Messerschmidt of Winterset.  She is earning her Doctorate in Counselor Education at The Ohio State University. 

The selection committee was impressed with Shelby’s 4.0 GPA and her passion for the field.  Shelby stated “My passion is to be a college professor for students in psychology and mental health. I want to be an educator who helps students find their passion for mental health and psychology and help them pursue higher education to achieve their goals.”  She is already making a difference through her work with the OSU Suicide Prevention Program doing work around education, outreach, and prevention of suicide on campus.